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COVID & Cash: What You Need to Know.

COVID has literally turned our worlds upside down, and there are no signs of the virus taking a discourse. Most of America saw significant changes in our communities, including businesses closing, job losses, remote education, and so much more to name. The world is resilient, and we are determined to bounce back….. but we all must admit, things are different. 

As the world began to re-open, most of us found ourselves interacting with “it” differently and vice versa. We also saw restaurants fill only half capacity, X’s marked on every store floor indicating the required six feet distance, and mandated lower face covered masks became some of our new normal.  

But what happened to the United States cash supply? Some retailers and restaurants completely stopped accepting cash, indicating a shortage of money. While others made it clear that they would not give cash back towards debit card purchases.

There are many reasons why this is happening, but one thing is sure, cash transactions are slowing down and will likely make it more difficult to make purchases. But what does this mean to you? If you rely heavily on cash to make purchases, pay rent, and other necessities, it’s time to think about an alternate solution.

Many who mainly rely on cash are turning to digital banking solutions like ONE VIP.  ONE VIP is a neo-banking service that provides a Visa Debit Card and mobile app for convenient and easy money management. Unlike a traditional bank, there are never overdraft fees or hidden fees.  ONE VIP is not a credit card, so there is no credit check.  

If you primarily deal in a cash environment, you might want to consider transitioning to digital banking.  There are few easy ways to do so! Why continue to pay to cash your pay or benefits checks when you could simply sign up for a direct deposit for free! Plus, with ONE VIP direct deposit, you can get paid up to 2 days faster! If your earnings come to you in cash, you can simply use Visa’s ReadyLink Locator to find a retailer near you to have your money loaded to your ONE VIP account.

Bottom line: Cash is phasing out, and getting familiar with a digital solution is definitely something to consider.  ONE VIP is a great solution and open to anyone 18+ with a USA mailing address and valid identity. Learn more about ONE VIP at

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