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Black Culture & Banks

‘Banking Black’ is gaining popularity after years of systematic issues directly related to ethnicity and traditional banking services. Several instances of systematic racism cited over the last few years have led companies like URBAN ONE to take action. 

URBAN ONE, the nation’s most prominent Black-owned Media Company, has been the voice of Black America for over the last 40 years, launched the ONE VIP Visa Debit Card to further the #BankBlack movement.

ONE VIP is a digital banking card focused on furthering Black America’s prosperity and communities of color. ONE VIP has made it very easy to get started with digital banking, requiring no deposits, up-front fees, or credit checks.

Members who choose to bank with Black-owned companies, like ONE VIP, do so because the social impact is essential. URBAN ONE and ONE VIP are well known for their corporate social responsibility through their Urban One Community Works program. ONE VIP partners with Visa to promote financial literacy content to help bring prosperity to Black families and communities.

Banking with Black-Owned Companies offers an alternative to discriminatory practices contributing to distrust of the financial services industry. There are plenty of statistics that support the notion of Black applicants being charged more with financial services products, so banks’ skepticism is not unwarranted. By turning to Black-Owned financial solutions, Black Americans are keeping Black Dollars in Black Communities. This can translate into increased employment and job creation opportunities.

Why are customers switching to Black-Owned Financial Service companies? Being treated with dignity and respect immediately comes to mind, but Black-Owned Financial Service companies, like ONE VIP, align with the core values of Black America. ONE VIP was created to positively impact black communities and black businesses.

Shutting Black Americans out of traditional banking has led to migration towards #BankBlack and the numerous benefits to black communities and businesses. To learn more about ONE VIP, visit

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